Dec 9, 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things

I've been pretty stress-free about the entire gifting situation this year.  I'm not particulary worried about what to get whom, and my family has decided to cut back because we simply buy ourselves what we need and want throughout the year.  I do like to find something special for a friend, or have a few cool gifts on hand in case I've forgotten anyone, or someone unexpected comes for dinner (our family tends to invite everyone we know/see on the street.) I tend to do quite a bit of shopping online now, because I can find unique items and I'd rather support small businesses.

This week is pretty much your last chance to hit the online shops with any assurance that your holiday loot will arrive in time for the big day(s).  Although you'll want to check with the individual shop owners and read their policies, most places will be able to get you what you need if you order right away.

Here are some last minute ideas for those people you haven't quite gotten to on your list (or yourself - you deserve a treat too!)

The Pretties
"Hekate's Key" by Tveir Hrafnar

Although commercials will try to convince you that every girl wants a diamond, many of us lean far in the opposite direction when it comes to jewellry.  Forget boring pieces that you can buy in every mall in North America - we want those charms around our neck appearing in a much more clever form.  

*  Aidan of  Tveir Hrafnar, creates striking silver charms that are as lovely as they are meaningful.  Choose one of his gorgeous designs or work with him to create something that suits you.  Because Aidan creates all his charms by hand, this is not likely something that will arrive by the holidays - but it's going to be completely worth the wait.  (I can't decide between the different keys or the stars, but I'll be adding one of these charms to my neck sometime in the future, for sure.)

*  For haunting jewellry that mimics your favourite totem (or body part,) Moon Raven Designs offers a host of earrings, necklaces or rings in life-like designs.  I have one of their silver pendants and it's a prized piece of my collection.

Bath and Body Bliss

*  The Haus of Gloi website is a fantastical ride through soaps, perfume oils and body butters in scents that sound intoxicating.  And they are - maddeningly divine - they leave you soft and smooth and smelling like every kind of wonderous thing.  You'll never be able to choose just one scent.

*  Crunchy Betty isn't just a super-fun blog with recipes for all kinds of ways to put food on your face (in lieu of chemicals and sketchy ingredients found in drugstore face creams and cleansers,) it's also a little shop where you can buy herbalicious scrubs, facial oils and even a natural deodorant that smells like a tropical drink!

"Lucky Dream" oil by Candlesmoke Chapel

Gorgeous Oils and Other Magical Goodies

*  Bri Saussey is a brilliant spitfire.  Sweet and sassy with a whole lotta love for helping people, Bri is the rootworker and intuitive behind Milagro Roots.  She not only offers courses and magical work, but she creates her own line of spiritual oils and baths.

With names like "Balm of Gilead" and "Promised Land," the deliciousness of these products is guaranteed.  I love Bri's baths (I can even use them in the shower because she includes a little muslin bag that hangs perfectly on my shower head.)  I also dab on her oils as perfume and their magical effectiveness is simply a bonus!

**Update December 2014** Milagro Roots is now and Miss Bri is no longer offering oils and baths in a catalogue format, but you can work with her to create a ritual to address your needs

*  The spirit-child of two truly wonderful folks and hella-smart spouses, Joseph and Sara Magnuson, Candlesmoke Chapel is the place to go for traditional condition oils made with great care.  Their products are not just high quality, but are truly the nicest looking oils I've seen. I'm a visual girl, and these oils make me happy before I've even opened the bottle.

Once you do open the bottle - you've got an exceptional oil that lends a good kick to whatever work you've set before yourself.  Their Psychic Boost oil is a favourite.  It really opens me up to getting more out of my card readings, meditations and any work requiring focus or insight.  They also sell herbs, and washes in some of the same wondrous blends as their oils.

Miscellaneous Awesomeness

* I know I've not shut up about this book since I got my hands on it, but Cory Hutcheson's "54 Devils" has completely changed how I feel about playing cards.  If you have anyone in your life who is a card reader, buy them this little treat of a book.

*  As far as tarot decks go, there are so many to choose from - but these animal themed decks from Art by Nakisha are mad cute.  The rat deck and the rabbit deck make me grin!

* My friend Danni at Heartroot Studio creates diminutive mushrooms (and pumpkins) encased in glass bottles that I love so much - I have three of her pendants!  You can get one of her designs or choose your own colour.

I hope your holiday gifting experience is easy and fun, and that you get spoiled in return.

*photographs are property of (and linked back to) Tveir Hrafnar and Candlesmoke Chapel respectively, and are used only to show the quality of the product listed.


Aidan Wachter said...

Wow, thank you Jen! Totally didn't see that coming when it popped up in my reader! I doubt I will get used to that!

It is true, these things take time. The last few pieces headed overseas went out on Friday, and I have a few more that will go to their new homes in the states this week. After that we are getting deep into January deliveries...

Thanks for your support!

Best & Blessings-


Anonymous said...

And Damn! Moon and Raven makes fabulous stuff! All the cool things you make if you have the skills to carve wax...thanks for turning me onto them!


Sarah said...

Those crafters are amazing!! I may have to get myself a tree pendant from Aidan's site. That is stunning.

Danni said...

Aw, thank you Jen! It feels so good to be listed amongst all these brilliant artisans and makers. :)

Mario Zeleny said...

Great Ideas! I got something for you and I need your address!

Happy Holidays,