Mar 29, 2015

The Many Faces of March

My lettuce and green onion seeds have been in the ground for a little more than a month now, and have just this last week made a show of life.  I was so very eager in February, when the unseasonably warm weather arrived. Eager for life and Spring and growth. But there were still frosts, fogs, and dark days to come that required candlelight and tea and some satisfying hibernation.

March in the Valley has a way of teasing you out and still not being hospitable enough to be of any sort of good company. But this month of the Spring equinox, of green beer, of the anniversary of a particularly bad day for Ceasar, and punctuated by astrological oddities and a Friday the 13th, has had its moments, and has now come nearly to a close.

Before it melts into the arms April, I should thank it for the cherry and apricot blossoms. And for the arrow-leaf balsam root flowering on the hillsides, waving multitudes of cheery yellow faces. The Oregon grape bloomed this morning, one brief day after I took the photo of the buds (below, right). Everything is the bright green of newness.

While I've been a quiet blogger, I've still been stirring. Some of what moved me in March, included:

~ Briana Saussy talks about daily practice.
"Daily practice at its deepest puts us right into the mucky middle of life for that is where the magic happens."

~ The amazing folks behind Candlesmoke Chapel are down, but not out. They are selling some rare books, tarot cards, and more to fund a move after a break-in at their home. Some of these are once in a lifetime finds - bid on something and help out some wonderful people.

~ Reading: Night of the Witches: Folklore, Traditions & Recipes for Celebrating Walpurgis Night by Linda Raedisch

~ New World Witchery has a Spring Lore contest going on until the end of April. Great prizes to be had simply for sharing a bit of your family's folklore.

Also, one of the lovely hosts, Laine is struggling a bit with a medical issue, so if you have some prayers or good thoughts to send her way, I'm sure it would be appreciated. We love Laine!

~ Aidan breaks down his theory of practical magic, and I dig it.
"Practical magic is largely about shifting things from the ‘possibilities’ side of things to the ‘probabilities’ side. And then working to increase the likelihood of a particular probability to manifest."

~ I spent Friday the 13th with seven of my best girlfriends, sitting around a farm table eating a ridiculous amount of food, and drinking local wines and lime daiquiris. Some of us were tired. Some of us were sick. Some of us had kids and/or husbands at home waiting (or texting every half hour). But we made time for each other. The laughter was healing. The daiquiris were healing to those of us with sore throats (ahem).

Get your friends together. I know you are all busy. I'm the one often left to organize a gathering and it can sometimes take a month to wrangle all the schedules and settle on a date. Do it anyway. The payoff is worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear from you again, Jen, and I *always* love to hear about what is popping up in this new greening world for others! We received 7-9in. of snow a week ago, but still there are things pushing their way into the light to say hello! Happy Spring!

Aidan Wachter said...

Spring looks so lovely up there! I love you photos & words!

Here it is wild! The Wind Season. Not Tennessee Tornados but long hours of steady hard push. Bu the cacti are getting ready to bloom (I think), and the tree outside the bathroom window is full of tiny buds and a few white flowers. And birds & mice, which keep Jesse occupied.

No garden this year, unless it's a tomato in a pot or something.

much love to you & yours-


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What you say about making time for friends is very true! Coordinating schedules can be a challenge in our times, it's true. Have a great Spring, Rue! Hey, just FYI, the Gaia Gathering national pagan conference this year is in Edmonton on the May long weekend. That's only one province away for you! If you're planning on coming, let me know cuz I'll be there too!

Rue said...

Wind is really its own animal isn't it? There is town east of here that marks the windy area - they get it almost year long because they act as a doorway to three valleys - kind of a crossroads, really.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the wind after you've lived there a while!

Rue said...

Oh! I'll have to do a bit of research (I've heard of it, but I've never been) and some budget checking - but that sounds cool! I'll let you know if I can make it! If not, I will look forward to your posts about it! (But it would be so cool to meet you!)

Rue said...

Ha! That was a great deal of exclamation marks.

sandra hagan said...

Darlin' you simply get better and better.

Great fun interesting post!!! YaYa!!!!

Anonymous said...

true, a little friend-time is so perfect! and awesome to see new plants starting to grow <3