Sep 30, 2015

The Great October Book Giveaway 2015

Welcome to the 5th annual Great October Book Giveaway!

This yearly party is my way of giving a big virtual hug to all the folks that have connected with me over the years, especially everyone who has ever stopped by to read a post here at Rue and Hyssop. This little blog holds a big place in my heart, and so do all of you (squeeze in - we will all fit, I promise).

The Goods:

Books. And more books. Plus a few extra super-cool things that came my way this year via awesome people of the interwebs.  

Whenever possible, books were purchased from the author directly and autographed for you. There are also a small handful of unautographed books coming directly from publishing houses. I'm no virgin when it comes to Amazon, but I still prefer to buy books from authors, publishers, and small bookstores whenever possible. Please support them too!

The Details:

*  I will post a giveaway approximately every four days this month.  You've got those five days to leave a comment on the blog post for that particular giveaway, and then I'll draw the winning name(s) and post the next giveaway. I'll leave dates and times in the posts, so you know when you need to have your entry in by.

*  Please ensure that there is a way for me to get a hold of you.  I'm not going to allow anonymous comments because I get terrible spam if I do, but you can use Open ID or a registered account to comment. For now I'm going to leave the comment moderation feature off, but if it turns out that I've got to spend time each day deleting comments, it may have to come back on.  Let's hope the Halloween gods get rid of the trolls for us.

* You will have exactly one week to respond to my request for your mailing address, and I'll send your book out within a week of receiving that info from you.  If you don't respond within 7 days, I will have to draw a new winner for that particular book.

* I am in Canada.  I will send the books to Canada, USA or overseas (according to the legal rambling below) at the most cost-effective shipping rates.  This means your book may arrive anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks after I mail it.  (In Canada - approx 5 business days.  To Germany - approx 5 weeks.)

Legal Bits:

* This giveaway (or "sweepstakes") is open to all residents of Canada, (exluding Quebec residents) the USA, Great Britain, Europe, South America,  who are 18 years of age or older. This giveaway is void where prohitibited by law.  Please be aware of the contest/sweepstakes laws in your area.

*  Canadian residents will be subject to a skill testing question before being able to claim their prize (this is standard law in Canada).  The skill testing question will be in a form similar to: 1 + 2 - 1 =

*  This giveaway is not for profit and no purchase is necessary to enter.

*  This giveaway is sponsored/administrated solely by this blog/blog author and is not affilitated with or sponsored by Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, or any other entity, nor can they be held liable.

* By leaving a comment intending to enter into the draw for the giveaway (or "sweepstakes") you are knowingly agreeing to these rules/conditions.

I have chosen all the books featured this month myself.  I have not been paid to feature a book, nor have I been asked to advertise for anyone.  This giveaway is not endorsed or sponsored by anyone other than Rue and Hyssop.

Make sure you are back here on October 1st to put your name in the cauldron, and keep checking in!  Click the pumpkin photo in the sidebar on the right to see the latest giveaway and leave your comment there.

**Comments on this post are not included in any prize drawing. Please comment on the current giveaway post (click the image in the sidebar on the right that looks like the one above - it will take you to the current giveaway). Or, if you have found yourself somewhere on the mobile site, click the "Rue and Hyssop" header at the top of the blog, and scroll down until you see the current giveaway.**


HappyCrone said...

Five years already!!! I am so proud of you!

Iesadora said...

I'm super excited to see what books you picked out! Thank-you for doing this every year!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ooooooo, another reason to look forward to October!

Laura said...

How sweet! October really is the best month of the year!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Another reason I love the month of October, your book giveaway.

Renee Olson said...


Linda Wildenstein said...

Just another example of your generosity and loving kindness. xoxo Oma Linda

Birgit said...

How time has flown -- it's already October again! I have enjoyed all your blog posts this year, Jen. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my very neglected blog -- it has meant a lot! I am in the process of updating my blog and will post quite a few photos in the next few weeks. I really want to be up to date again and share what is going on in my part of the world. It's great that I get email alerts whenever you post a new blog post -- that way I could stay up to date about your life. You wouldn't believe how I often nod when I read your thoughts. (((Jen)))

Have a wonderful October!!!

Big hugs,
your Bavarian friend

Rommy said...

This October feels extra tingly for some reason. I'm psyched to see the goodies you're sharing - both your words and the books :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!
I'm not sure I'm posting comments in correct place to count as entry however :-/
I'm new here, I have read blog previously yet not subscribed til now.
So, I've entered email for subscription to blog, I've subscribed to this feed, I'm commenting here...

Let's hope I have done everything I'm supposed to do!
Great idea, great blogs... I'll be back

Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! This will be fun! Cannot wait to see what books you choose!

Christine Candora-Hickey said...

YaY Jen! Let's celebrate October!

Danni said...

This is hands down my favorite October blog party. Witches and books, can't be beat! Here's to 5 years of generosity and fun!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Best month of the whole year and I am glad I found this blog and you!! Congratulations on 5 fabulous years!

søren said...

Yes! Something to make October better <3

NaNcy KnOll said...

Super excited, reading & tea are the perfect combo, and October is the perfect month!

Debra Nehring said...

Excited! Happy October!

Magaly Guerrero said...

My goodness, it has been this long already! I felt a bit sad today; I was looking at some notes I wrote for myself (of things I have to do) and noticed that several of the names of people I wanted to do things for are no longer blogging. So many people just gone... So many abandoned blogs... It's so nice to read a familiar face... offering books!

Sleepy Suzy said...

How wonderful - 5 years and a Neil Gaiman book! Love it and your blog ❤️❤️❤️

John Breen said...

My wife uses coloring pages with her yoga students who have chalenges with meditation! These are great!

Lori Jenkins said...

I would love this book!! Love Byron!

Shalebridge said...

I'm new to your blog and love it! Thanks for this generous giveaway.