Jan 17, 2013

It's Called January

My friend asked me the other day, "what's it called when you are tired all the time and cold all the time and can barely drag your ass to work?"

"It's called January," I said.

This year, January has been fairly painless so far.  Last year I was drinking herbal infusions as if my life depended on it - because it mostly did.  This year, the grey hasn't gotten to me.  But the cold is another story.  I've grown weary of bitterly cold days with colder winds.  I feel as though I'm constantly trying to keep warm - and failing.  

In order to attempt some venturing out (other than to the office,) I've given myself little gifts of "me time."  So far I've taken a drive up into the hills, had a spa day with my mom, built a fire in my fire bowl, and made an effort to walk whenever there wasn't a danger of losing toes and fingers to frostbite.

The view from the R & R room at the spa - waiting for my toes to dry.

The other item on my "ME ME ME" list (Dear Ones, you need a list like this - you're worth it,) is signing up for free seminars and adding my name to a handful of email lists on those "Rah Rah, You Are Amazing" sites.  Self-help has come a long way, baby.  What once was a fairly bland, extreme navel-gazing type industry, has blossomed into a powerful, encouraging network of amazing women (and men) who have a real passion for seeing others live fabulous, fulfilling lives.

Here is a sampling of what I'm reading, trying on for size and diving into:
(Links are attached to the person/website's name - just click.)

I mentioned her in my last post, and I'm sure you've heard her name on the interwebs, but I'll say it again - Leonie Dawson.  Her workbooks are wonderful.  I'm working my way through them and loving them!

Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about manifesting your own luck in business and your life's purpose.  She wrote the book "Lucky Bitch" and has a free webinar coming up.  Her blog is full of great posts and worth a read.

Bri Saussy of Milagro Roots is beginning her free Phone Fests this month with "how to draw the best life has to offer, to yourself."  She has a myriad of magical services she offers as well.

Wild Sister is a website and magazine by women for women to inspire you to "love yourself, follow your bliss and change the world."  There are wonderful and encouraging posts to read whether you subscribe to the magazine or not.

Jennifer Louden is the woman and author behind "Savour and Serve." Tips on self care, organization and being your true self abound on this site.  I've only just scratched the surface here, but it looks great!

Anne Samoilov teaches how to re-launch your business/website/idea.  Work on your goal setting, enlist the help of a team, and get a free copy of her "toolkit" full of templates and tutorials.

(Please note: I am not affiliated with any of these sites, nor have I been asked to advertise for them in any way.)

These are just a few of the ways I'm distracting myself from the cold January days.  I'm still garden-planning too, and dreaming of the earth waking up. But I know that this hibernation period is healthy for the earth - if not slightly uncomfortable for some of the rest of us.  I'm taking this slower time of the year to plan my big dive in to the rest of 2013.  I plan on making a splash!

How is this month shaping up for you?


Barbara F. said...

I can't wait for spring, really summer, and really really wish it was autumn, but then we'd be facing winter again! Ay! xo

TRISHA said...

I have Raynaud's disease, so the cold is completely harmful to me. But drinking tea has helped, also me time. :) Nothing feels good than a little me time. A spa day sounds wonderful :)

petoskystone said...

This month hasn't been bad, weatherwise. Financially is another story. Soninlaws' fiscal maturity of 15 years old has led to the final fractures in the marriage. It has also led to finding a cheaper place to live before we get evicted (he isn't coming with us). He has also neglected his sweet young boxer/pittie cross, Riley. Riley is a bouncy 'play!' Tigger-Tiger type dog. Crate trained & healthy, he needs a home where the owner will play, exercise, & train him properly. Himself is too lazy for such things *sigh*

Jeanne said...

January used to be a tough month for me to get through - cold, snow, little sunlight. But in the last few years, I have learned to embrace this month of contemplation. And now it seems to just whiz by!

Rue said...

Trisha - I do hear that staying stress-free helps with Raynaud's. I wish you could live somewhere with no Winter at all! Stay well & warm!

Rue said...

I'm very sorry to hear this. Family and finances are real triggers in relationships. I do hope moving away from his destructive financial behavior will help you heal. I hope for a wonderful home for Riley too. I have a dear friend who has a bulldog/pit cross (also named Riley) and she is one of the nicest dogs - a wonderful companion to them & their other dogs.

Anonymous said...

Given the signs I was seeing in August that this winter would likely be a hard one, I'm just celebrating that it's mid-January and I don't need a sherpa to get anywhere. Otherwise, my month has been maintaining health and slacking on doing a lot of writing and blogging. Oh, and working on a presentation for Pantheacon next month.


Rue said...

"a sherpa" *giggle* I could use one of those! Pantheacon would be a wonderful distraction this winter. Perhaps next year - it's been on the to-attend list for a while now. Hope your presentation goes smoothly & fabulously!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

our weather has been way to mild and january is flying by. once it gets warm the months just seem to drag for me.

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Well...they are calling for temps next week of ridiculous numbers, high for Monday of -32. Gotta love the Canadian prairies. Ready for January to be done!

Rue said...

-32?! I don't feel so bad now. Yikes! Stay warm out there!

The Country Witch said...

You know, after weeks of 40C+ weather, I would love a little bit of winter... I don't do so well in heat, even with air con.

Rue said...

Oh gosh, I'd heard that you are getting crazy heat waves in Austrailia! I do hope you are far away from the fire areas. May you get cooler weather (and some rain to dampen the flames) soon!

Ms Lilypads said...

Hubby has said that I'm entering my second childhood, but I'm having the time of my life. The hours on the job have picked up, allowing me to shamelessly indulge in creative projects -- some of which I hope to finish before 2013. Why do we Aries love to start projects, but our finishing takes a bit of persistence? This season has been marked with many blessings, and I hope that others will experience the blessings that Life offers.

Miss Bri said...

I love Leonie, Denise and Jennifer-they all do amazing work-good distraction for January indeed!

Sue said...

Thanks for the great links! Although I have to admit, I feel this way in the summer. I live for winter, the cold dreary days, and hate the ever bright heat of summer.

I'm odd tho.

Plumrose Lane said...

Just found you through your winter Pagan Living submission. Thoroughly enjoyed your musings and beautiful imagery here on your blog as well. Looking forward to future visits and reads.