Sep 17, 2011

On Festivals and Fruit

Autumn is beginning to show her colours here in the Valley.  We are having quite the warm September, so there has been plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the views.  Ripe apples abound in the orchards, geese are gathering for their long journey South, and the Fall wine festivals and tours are in full swing.

I am spending this weekend at the yearly Wise Woman Festival in the neighbouring town - meditating and learning and partaking of the lovely healers available.  As a result, I don't have a Farmers Market Saturday post for you this week.  As always, I'll just encourage you to get out into your local farm & market community and take advantage of the plentiful harvest available this time of year.

Looking for dinner ideas when you bring home that harvest from the market? 

Squash is now in season, and it's one of my favourite veggies!  This post sings the praises of squash.

I also make bruschetta weekly this time of year, because of the abundance of tomatoes and peppers.

And for dessert - apple pie of course!

Take a moment this weekend to get outside and see if you can spot signs of Autumn in your area.  Or - for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere - signs of Spring!


Barbara F. said...

I love the sound of a Wise Woman Festival.....never heard of one here, I would absolutely attend! I am in the mood for apple picking, too. Need to get a little more mojo to take out decorations, etc. xo,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We've been enjoying apple pie and apple crisp too. Have fun at the Wise Women Festival!

the wild magnolia said...

Fall has settled into you big time. Happy autumn days.

Thanks for all the sharings......

Wise Women Festival, I should be there too. :0)

mermaid gallery said...

fresh food is so delight dessert....yummm

Lydia said...

Completely jealous you get to go the the Wise Woman Festival! Enjoy it! And yes, I think apple pie is calling my name :-)

Sara said...

Oh, a Wise Woman Festival. Sounds wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll have a wonderful time !!
Have a magical meeting.

Birgit said...

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