Sep 15, 2012

Change of Light

There is a certain kind of light that signals the change to autumn.  Although the season doesn't officially arrive until the end of next week, we've been feeling it creep up on us for a while.  We've had nothing but bright, warm September days here in The Valley.  The warmth is wonderful, the breezes are cool and comfortable, but it is the light that is the real show stopper.

There is a golden, fuzziness that the light takes on in the fall.  It is not the heat-haze of summer, not the bright, clear glow of spring or the small, entreating rays of winter.  This is, as if you were walking around squinting ever so slightly - making things appear just a bit softer around the edges.

I think I am becoming a bit softer too.  Gone is the frantic rush to get the garden watered early before the scorching heat hits. The sweaters have come out for cool mornings and even cooler evenings.  And I am lingering.  Stopping at the river to touch the plants again - not rushing through my walk to avoid the bugs and the sunburn.  Sitting in the back yard with a coffee watching the cats stalk through the grass.

The dark is coming on quicker now.  The light leaves us before 8:30pm.  The evenings have been prime star-watching nights.  Clear skies foretelling the next sunny day, are chock full of twinkly lights and planets and satellites.

I'm curling up with a cup of tea in the evening.  I'm taking time to read a little fiction, which I rarely do unless I'm on vacation.  The extra blankets are coming out of the closets and being draped over chairs and on the end of the bed for insurance against the surprising temperature drop during the night.  I'm excited about the upcoming festivities in October.  Lists lie everywhere on my work-space.  I'm feeling the need to organize and surround myself with notebooks and pretty office supplies.

It intrigues me how the simple shift of the light, can affect so much of my life - how I feel and how I function.

What does this change feel like to you?  Or do you live somewhere where there is such a subtle shift in your surroundings, it is barely noticeable?  Do you adjust your schedule, your practices or your lifestyle in the autumn?


Pixie said...

This is a wonderful post, i think you summed up the changing of the seasons light beautifully, i agree with it all. the shift in the seasons has been quite noticable this year, im not sure why, but Autumn here just couldnt wait to get started, which is fine by me as i adore Autumn.
Lovely post
Pixie x

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

This is a lovely and spot on viewing of the way autumn slides in and captures the stage. I agree whole heartedly, golden glow. OmaLinda

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Lovely post! I too have noticed the change of light during the day. Night comes quickly to us now on the prairies, the sun was behind the trees just past 7:30 last night. Not long now. Still at a bit of a frantic pace here, but I suspect by the end of the month, I happily will slow down.

Ellen said...

What a lovely post. And it's so true! I noticed as I was driving home from work yesterday that everything is a little different. And I'm different. I'm a bit more focused, able to get things done and then enjoy the little moments of peace and quiet meditation. I don't have to rush to be anywhere. I feel bad for people who do. I take my time and just...enjoy for a little while.

Barbara F. said...

You captured the change of season so beautifully, Rue, as one who truly loves Nature can. I love autumn, and I always start to notice the subtle changes, although it is still warm during the day and the nights are just perfect. No a/c or fan needed, just a light sheet. Love it! xo

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i feel like i am unfolding. i am enjoying each second of cooler weather. and today is the first home game of the season...yeah football!!!

TMC said...

Well, being in Southern California, we don't see a real shift in the seasons until maybe January. September and October are often the hottest months. But when the shift finally happens, and the cooler weather arrives, it's bliss. Autumn is my favourite season and I desperately miss the leaves changing and the cool weather that I had in Indiana. Even still, I mark the official change to the season and simply patiently look forward to the weather catching up.

Wulf said...

I don't notice the early darkness quite yet, but like you I'm out early in the morning, and that's what makes the changing day length most apparent to me. It's already daylight when I leave the house at 7 am, but I'm getting up in the dark now. And the daytime sun, while still lovely, isn't as scorching. I was at an outdoor concert today in full sun, and it was only hot, not punishingly hot as it would have been even a few weeks ago. But other than that, there's little sign of Autumn here in southern Ontario. Leaves are all still green, flowers have had a second blossoming, and it's like early July all over again.

Jeanne said...

A truly lovely description of the light in Autumn. I have always loved the lengthening shadows and the softer light which Fall brings us.
Autumn has always been a short season for me. So much produce to put away for winter, so many Halloween props to make - but this year I have vowed to enjoy the weather and the joys of Autumn!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Oh my, I was reading to the Little Princess (well, not just, earlier today) about how the moon moves over and over as the equinox approaches. We marked on the terrace where it is at bedtime, so that we can she how it has changed later. I love how Nature is so organized ;-)

Birgit said...


A while ago I took a couple of photos in the garden shortly before the sun set. You are so right -- the light is changing now that fall comes nearer. I also feel the changes much like you -- I couldn't have described it any better.