Mar 26, 2014

Satisfaction in Fire

I've been burning things again.  

There has been much fire this week.  Fire consuming wood and herb-stalks and symbols of all manner of things I'd like to be rid of. I never seem to tire of it.  Candles, incense, campfires, lanterns...I can't seem to get enough of flame and smoke and heat. 

It's that time of year. My energy seems to ignite as the days grow brighter.  Time for opening windows and cleaning out the winter-webbing.  The earth keeps stirring, and the moon is waning through its last quarter, and I needed to let go of a few things and re-kindle a few things. 

I attacked my main altar this afternoon, which is a behemoth.  Brimming with candles, animal curios, rocks and plant specimens, potions, skeleton keys and ancestor relics, the altar was in sore need of a good overhaul and cleanse.  I moved some trinkets out and took stock of candles and incense, and found seeds of some mysterious sort (un-labeled, of course.) Everything received a good dusting and plenty of love and thanks, and some lucky items were blessed with a shot of whiskey or an annointing with a fragrant oil. The energy of the space is bright, and clearer than it has felt in weeks.   

I was able to cook my simple dinner over the fire tonight, the dusk falling so slowly, and I spent some time scrying into the flames.  The scent of sage, lavender and chaparral drifted up whenever I tossed a handful of dried herb remnants onto the glowing coals.  Every inch of me has been fumigated so it seems.  I'm waiting a bit longer for my bath tonight, lingering over the scent of smoke in my hair.  I fear that I would live like this, if left alone to my eccentricities - wandering the world with woodsmoke-scented skin and ash on my clothes. 

There is such satisfaction in fire and its evidence.  

My bones are warm, my spirit is enlivened, and the altar glows with flickering candlelight. 

Fire Photo © Justin Smith / Wikimedia Commons, CC-By-SA-3.0


The Country Witch said...

There is something mesmerising and soothing about fire. Sometimes you can just sit there and stare for what seems hours into the flames.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I think that there might be quite a few of us who'd wander the world, smelling of herbs and smoke and magic all the time if we could. ^__^

Springtime blessings!


mxtodis123 said...

Ha! Your altar sounds like mine. I really do have to do some decluttering--candles, stones, about 7 statues of Mary, flowers, Holy Water, etc. The list goes on.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love a good fire! i am about to have one too. my firepit is my favorite garden feature.

Andréann said...

I'm not commenting often, but Hello, Hi! I love reading you.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about fire as well, as in a few weeks we will have no more in our big stove. I love the sound, the smell, the mess- the particular warmth that is so completely centered in the middle of our house.

Spring has certainly sprung for me- my energy and overall output are crazy, compared to the last few months. Good thing, I am ready for it!

The altar needs an overhaul...but not quite yet! Though she is getting prettied already with the spring forest findings.

Blessings on your fires, your smoke, and your ashes. It is how we are meant to be, I think.

Linda Wildenstein said...

lovely visuals painted by your words. I too need to renew with fire and smoke. I would also stay that way for days were it not for the necessity to be "clean". Joyous renewal to you. Oma Linda

Danni said...

Fire always feels like the only appropriate way to ring in seasonal changes to me. It's the perfect time and way to burn away the old and to breathe passion in to the new.

I set all of my rocks, crystals, bones, bric-a-brac and what-have-you in the Ostara sun to burn away the energies and let the day renew and cleanse them while I lit candles and incense and cleansed the altar; which was also in desperate need of an overhaul.

Merry Spring to you, Dear One! May the fires forever rid you of that which no longer serves and the smoke and sunshine renew your spirits and awaken your bones. <3

Debra Nehring said...

Altar cleanse is on my list for today! I can finally get the windows done inside too, as the glass is not too cold anymore. I'm looking froward to the fires outdoors, raking up the debris, cleaning out the winter's staleness.

Jennifer said...

I love a good fire too! Candles, campfires, fireplaces, anything that can be lit so I can gaze into the flames. It's my favorite kind of meditation.

jill said...

Sounds just perfect Rue . xx

fearless_fallen_angel said...

My altar seems to collect items as the season goes on, when I add things for purification, charging, or just to look pretty that I gather along the way. I try to change them at least once a season in order to do the decluttering, also. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone :)