Nov 27, 2020

Talisman of the Darktide

The extraordinarily lucky person who will soon have this gorgeous charm around their neck is:



The last giveaway of the darktide will be live tomorrow!


After a brief visit from the sun this week, the gloom has enfolded our valley again. I don't mind the feeling of snow approaching over the mountains, or the near-constant scent of woodsmoke from the hard working chimneys in the village. It's a cozy sort of bleakness, to be sure. The birdfeeder is stocked for our outdoor friends, and the oven has been put to good use as the temperature drops and the wind howls at the door. I'm prepared to meet winter, although I'd prefer it to arrive late and then excuse itself early.

The light rushes off hastily on these late November afternoons. I half expect to see a rabbit clutching a pocket watch, racing ahead of it. The shadows slip in early now that the sun is rising and setting further and further toward the south. The brightest glow in the sky seems to be the moon, which is swelling toward full and will peak on the evening of the 29th into the early morning of the 30th. With the trees bare, the Winter Moon...Frost Moon...Beaver Moon...can easily be seen and swooned over. It is this particular shadow, these bare trees, and this full winter moon, that is the inspiration for our next giveaway. 

Pati Tozer, the extraordinary silver and gem artist in residence at Tree Speaks to Stone, has revived one of her stunning hand-cut silver talismans just for us. 

The Forest Holds the Moon is hand sawn sterling silver, from Pati's own original design. Hauntingly beautiful, it measures 36mm or approximately 1.4 inches in diameter, and hangs on dark and twisted (just the way we like it) silk cording from Japan. It has a brushed finish, and will look otherworldly hanging around your neck.

The captivating The Forest Holds the Moon pendant has been temporarily brought back to life for this winter only, and you can win one of the two pieces that will be created this year, before it returns to retirement. (If you don't win, you can always purchase the other pendant, which resides at Tree Speaks to Stone.)

If you would like to wear this enchanting charm into the winter months as your personal talisman, please leave a comment below. If you'd like a second entry for this draw, feel free to share either this post, or any of Pati's amazing art pieces, around on social media and then comment again and I'll drop your name in the hat once more.

You have until the full moon begins to fade on December 2nd to comment, and then I'll draw the name of the very lucky recipient. Please ensure your comment links back to you in some way or leave your email in a safe manner so I can contact you if you win. You may also use the "make contact" form in the sidebar (I have been receiving all the entries sent along this way, so no worries - your info makes it to me).

So, so many thanks to the incredible Pati, who has generously offered up her work for our darktide frolic this year! Here is the amazing shop again. And you can also find Pati on Instagram where you always get a first look at new creations and her wonderful world of silver and stones. 

And to those who feasted yesterday, I hope your gatherings were small and safe, and your tummies and hearts were full and happy. As we move into the celebratory season with earnest, I hope you will find comforts that, while they cannot replace large family gatherings, will help you feel warm and loved in ways that matter.

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