Apr 27, 2011

Witches in Fiction - Witch Hazel

In honour of Pagan Culture's Witches in Fiction Blogoversary Party, I'd like to take a moment to re-introduce you to Witch Hazel.

Although this Disney short was first released in 1952, I met Witch Hazel as a child in the late 70's during Disney's yearly Halloween special. This holiday edition of "The Wonderful World of Disney" which played weekly on Sunday nights when I was young, was always the most anticipated epsiode of the year.

Hosted by The Magic Mirror of Snow White fame, the Halloween special boasted not only the short "Trick or Treat" featuring Witch Hazel and a trio of web-footed nephews, but also "The Wizard's Apprentice" from the movie "Fastasia" and my all-time favourite telling of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Witch Hazel herself, is a peppy gal. Zooming along on her fine steed Beelzebub, she is on the lookout for a good time on Halloween night but finds more than she bargains for when she runs into Donald Duck.

Do yourself a favour and settle in with a handfull of leftover Easter chocolate and pretend it's Halloween while you watch this enchanting Disney short:

A very happy blogoversary to Magaly at Pagan Culture!

Apr 23, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, I Don't Want A Basket

There is a reason I turn to Martha when my creativity is nowhere to be found.

I've done it all, when it comes to my neices.  Easter baskets, pastel paint cans, flower pots, funky cellophane bags and pink take-out boxes.  I really wanted to do something different with their treats this year.  It never occurred to me to take their chocolate out of the bags and let it be the centerpiece rather than the item the treats would gather in.

I happen to have several clear glass jars on hand, including a load of antique canning jars whisked away from Mom's basement where they sat lingering, never to be used again.

Today is going to be "create vignettes with chocolate" day.  The only worry I have, is how much of it I might eat as I'm building these Easter jars for the girls.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Easter activities if you celebrate!


Apr 20, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Thank you Mom, for knowing that even though I'm a grown woman, I still want to eat pancakes in the shapes of cows and pigs.

My pancake molds look like this, in case you are coveting a set for yourself.

There is no reason why breakfast shouldn't still be fun - even if we are grown ups (most of the time.)

Apr 17, 2011

Success and Superstition

"According to data from the University of Cologne in Germany...positive superstitions can enhance performance.  Participants who were issued a lucky ball, allowed to use a personal amulet, or wished good luck before a game or task, performed better than those who weren't prompted to consider the idea of good fortune."  ~ Whole Living Magazine, November 2010.

My family was never particularly superstitious, although my dad usually threw salt over his left shoulder when he spilled it and was known to "knock on wood" from time to time.  Being church folks, there was little attention paid to old wive's tales as cautions for day to day life.  But my dad was adamant about the traditions and superstitions around holidays.  My parents never let on that Santa or the Easter Bunny were not real.

As one of the last kids in the neighbourhood to still believe in the Easter Bunny, I was ridiculed relentlessly.  That last year - sticking to my guns - I put out my Easter basket and left a note.  It went something like this:

"Dear Easter Bunny,  The other kids say you aren't real.  I think you are.  No one else knows my favourite kind of Easter eggs."

The next morning, I had one of the biggest hauls of Easter candy ever.  Favourite eggs and all.  My friends were awed. 

To this day I throw salt over my left shoulder, say "bless you" when someone sneezes, look for four-leaf clovers in the yard and put out my Easter/Ostara basket.  And you know what?  I always get my favourite eggs.

Are there any superstitions that have stayed with you?

Apr 14, 2011

Spring Clean Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Sushiboofay who's name was drawn for Dr. Weil's Mind-Body Toolkit and to Tea Witch who was drawn for the Self Care cards.

Please send me your mailing address to: rueandhyssop AT gmail DOT com, and I'll get them out to you. Congratulations!

Apr 13, 2011

Blog Hopping - Get Your Spring On

Today is the first day of Magaly's "Witches in Fiction Blogoversary Party" over at Pagan Culture.  This party runs until May 1st and is populated with bloggers posting about their favourite fictional witches.  Hop over Magaly's blog and check out the great prizes being offered too!  I'll be writing about one of my favourite fictional witches soon...

Also still happening, is Jon's Spring Blogfest over at Me vs. College.  Check him out and his wonderful guest bloggers and prizes.

And tomorrow I will be drawing the winners of the two prizes for my Spring Clean Giveaway.  Get your name in the draw - quick like a bunny (as my Dad used to say!)

Just a few things going on around the blogosphere this week - enjoy!


Apr 9, 2011

I Spy With My Little Mastercard - Stag Horn Pendant!

The pendant I mentioned in my last post was purchased early this year from Moon Raven Designs on Etsy. 

I had been shopping around in Etsy when I typed "deer antler" in the search box on a whim.  I had been having some amazing meditations with Cernunnos and in one meditation he gave me a necklace with a silver antler on it.  I had hoped one day to find something similar to the one in my meditation and was amazed when the Etsy search revealed this pendant - which was exactly what I was looking for.

The artist carved an antler out of a found deer horn, and then used the carving to create a mould which was then filled with silver.  Even better, was that the artist lives in my Province.  I was thrilled to receive it - it is just as beautiful as it looks in the photo and I really love wearing it.

Check out Moon Raven Designs - they have so many unique items in their shop!

Apr 5, 2011

Welcoming Workspace

My bookkeeping office is in a small corner of a production building, where lovely chocolates are packaged and sent a few blocks over to a gourmet food and gift shop to sell.  I have a good sized desk but it is in a corner facing a wall, and there is minimal outside light that gets in.

There are also two other desks in this space, that are in use whenever the store owner and the other managers are around.  The production manager and other store employees float through from time to time as well, so there is sometimes a good deal of energy in an otherwise small space.  And it goes without saying that sometimes that energy isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

In order to keep myself happy and focused in a small space and the energy surrounding me conducive to work and sanity, I employ a few easy tricks.

A good start is to make sure that your space has a welcoming scent.  You cannot help if you work in a building that pumps in recycled air or your co-worker doesn't use enough deodorant, but you can place a small scented candle on your desk (whether you are allowed to light it or not - they smell lovely) or find a lightly scented spray for your space.

I have a bottle of lavender spray from a local lavender farm beside my computer and give it a few spritzes when I come in.  It smells nice, is organic and safe to use on surfaces.  It adds a calming scent to the area and gives a little protection from any lower energy that someone might bring into my space.

If you have animals at your workplace, please be sure that you choose safe items that will not be ingested by visiting pets.

Speaking of family - furry or otherwise - having some photos of loved ones always brightens up a space.  I have a small wall space above my desk that I've turned into a mural of photos of my neices, pets and friends' kids. Some of my co-workers have brought me pictures of their kids and grandkids to put on the wall too.

Also on my desk are a few crystals on my computer, chosen for clarity, peace of mind and to absorb any lower energies that I don't want in my space.  I'm allowed to have a tealight-sized candle burning, so I made sure that my candle is working for me double-time and I put it in a salt rock candle holder.  Salt-rock releases negative ions when heated to combat the positive ions that surround electronic equipment like computers.

On days like today, when I'm headed into a meeting and it's bound to be a bit stressful (working with the accountant always gets my back up) I make sure to wear something that makes me feel strong.  A great outfit, a comforting crystal in the pocket or a piece of jewelery that makes me feel confident.

This silver stag horn is one of my go-to peices when I need some strength.

And once the day (or the stressful meeting) is over, I try to connect with a good friend or family.  Today I've pre-planned a lunch date with four of my closest friends - just in case I really need one of these:


Apr 1, 2011

Spring Clean Giveaway

April is the month we generally start throwing open the windows and doors and doing some good Spring cleaning.  And while our houses air out that stale Winter energy, it's always a good idea to check in with our bodies and see how they are feeling.

I know that for me, I've had to put my foot down when it became sadly apparent that I may be the new face of scurvy.  I've gone days without fruit, and only include a few sad little veggies in my diet.  I can usually be heard saying something like "are garlic-stuffed olives a vegetable?" Or, "I think having Gouda, Havarti and Sharp Cheddar on my plate should count as three food groups."

No.  It's time to Spring clean the body, mind and spirit too.  Add some Spring greens to your next meal.  Get outside and start walking.  Take back up the meditation practice you put aside.  Remember to breathe deep.

I've picked out a couple items to give you a good start.  The first is Dr. Andrew Weil's "Mind Body Tool Kit."  The second is Cheryl Richarson's "Self-Care Cards."  Each of these items will come with a few goodies to help you shake the cabin fever and get your mind, body and spirit moving this Spring.

As always, all you have to do is be or become a follower (or let me know you subscribe to the RSS feed) and make sure you have a way I can contact you if you win.  Leave a comment, and poof!  You are entered to win one of these two gifts!

I will draw the winners names on Thursday April 14th.

Good luck, and happy Spring Cleaning!